Thursday, May 13, 2010


When we enter this world we have the gift of innocence. We are untainted and unharmed. We trust wholeheartedly, we love unconditionally but something happens to us throughout the course of our lives. Seeds are sown. The sowers sometimes come in the form of parents, family and friends. They sew seeds of doubt in our lives and that oh so perfect picture that we have of the world begins to lose some of its luster. That invincibility that we once had starts to subside and we begin to question ourselves. We ask ourselves am I good enough? Do I have what it takes to get me to the next level. Am I a loveable person, the kind that people want to be around? Those seeds of doubt are like cancer and the take root and choke the spirit that we were born with. In order to get back to that place we must revisit that childlike state. We need to revisit what we were before the seeds took root. Only when we remember how innocent and invincible we were can we take our lives back. At that point the storms will clear and we will be returned to our former state where we believe that we can do all things. We will once again be INVINCIBLE.

Live, Love & Learn
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