Thursday, August 12, 2010

Are you playing your part on the team?

There is a saying that goes Teamwork makes the dream work. Whether we voluntarily join a team or not we are all on a team of some sort. The first team that we all become a part of is our immediate family. When we join the work force we become part of the team of a company. If you worship collectively with a body of believers that is a team. Everyone is expected to share their particular expertise to make sure that the organization remains healthy and grows. What happens to an organization where all members of the team do not contribute? When all of the members of the team do not contribute simply put someone else has to pull their weight! First let's start with the family structure, more than likely everyone has chores or something that they must do so that the family can live the lifestyle they want to live. What happens when the dish washer no longer wants to wash dishes? What happens when the person who does laundry decides that someone else can do it? What happens when one of the breadwinners decides they want to sit down? The family begins to suffer and the house goes in disarray. What kind of church do you have when many of its members want to be pew warmers? You know pew warmers are those who want to have their emotions tickled every Sunday but don't want to be involved in any ministry, won't attend events, and think that an hour and half on Sunday is all that God is owed. When people fail to play their part on the team in church they stifle the gospel and someone else has to not only carry their cross but drag the one of the person who is happily sitting down on the pew. Finally let's talk about the workplace. Have you ever worked in a team at work and the other person does not pull their weight but if someone doesn't pick up the slack everyone suffers? Many of us have and its a horrible feeling to know that they are still being paid yet doing no work! We are all expected to do our parts whatever structure we are in. There will come a time when our work will be examined whether we did our parts or not. Are you one of the team members who sits on the sidelines and complains about how things are done yet you are too lazy and trifling to contribute or are you one of the people who has to pull the weight of the person who has their heels kicked up sitting on the seat of do nothing? Decide today that you will play your part on whatever team you are a member of.

Live, Love and Learn
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Releasing the Giant

Mankind was the highlight of God's creation the. He was to subdue the earth and have dominion over every living thing that moveth on the earth( Genesis 1:28). Something happened, man disobeyed the will of God and it was a game changer. He became entangled with sin and it took his attention away from becoming what God intended him to become. Many people have become entangled with their pasts, their present, and are facing uncertain futures. When we become entangled we lose focus and we extend a lot of energy trying to get free. There is however a method to becoming untangled. First one must remain calm, becoming distressed while entrapped only makes the situation worse. While you are in a calm state you are able to think freely and plan your escape. Being entangled keeps us from going forth and conquering. We are giants! We were created to make moves! When entangled in issues or people that are stopping your dream STOP, REMAIN CALM, AND COME UP WITH A STRATEGY AND EXECUTE IT. I encourage you today to get on the path to release the GIANT and claim what is yours.

Live, Love & Learn
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Work your talent!

The United States is currently going through one of the biggest financial fallouts that it has ever been through. Millions of individuals are out of work, food pantries are feeding many people, violent crimes have increased and doom and gloom seem to be broadcast everyday. As I look at countless individuals that have thrown their hands in the air I think it seems as if the well has gone dry but God has still provided us with a source of water. Years ago Americans were not as dependant on jobs as they are today. Many individuals baked cakes, sold arts and crafts, and anything they could do to bring in some extra cash. Where has that spirit of entrepreneurship gone? Where has hope gone? Where have the individuals gone that said I can't find a job so I am going to make one for myself? Mankind is the most intelligent of the life forms that God created yet many people are stumped in regards to what to do in these trying times. Jesus spoke about talent in one of his parables. To some he gave 5 others he gave 2 while others received one. The key factor is he expected the individuals to grow their talents and put them to use. Have you found your PASSION yet? Just maybe one door has closed and you need to unlock what God has already gave you. If we all identify and put our talents to work we will see a drastic change in your personal lives and in this economy. I challenge every individual to find out what their talent is and as Mary J Blige says in one of her songs WORK THAT THING!