Monday, November 22, 2010

Has our children dying in the streets become normal?

We live in a world of explosions, guns, cat fights, violence is all around. Being exposed constantly to violent acts can make one desensitized to it. Every time you open a newspaper or turn on the news some child has been injured or lost their life in the streets. Some crying parent is begging the murderer to come forward and some minister is trying to rally the troops to march against violence. The feeling of anger and disgust last temporarily and then it fades away. Why are the members of these communities not in constant outrage? Why aren't they demanding their elected officials to do more to help the community? Why aren't parents and families taking to the streets to fight for their kids? Why are there those in the community that protect known murderers? Why has this become a normal way of life? I encourage the readers of this blog to say this is NOT normal. I encourage the readers of this blog to say that I will NOT live this way. I encourage the youth of today to say I will be an active participant in TURNING THIS AROUND!