Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bound and Chained by Hurt

Chained and Bound by Hurt

There is a saying that goes hurt people hurt people. In a nutshell that means that people who have been hurt in the past tend to hurt other people that come into their lives. There are different encounters that cause us to hurt. Relationships that end on a bad note leave us hurting especially when the proper closure is not given. Instead of letting go of something that never was meant to be many individuals allow hurtful feelings to fester and carry on to their next relationship. Once those feelings enter into the new encounter like poison they slowly kill the relationship. The emotions and pain from the past relationship are transferred to the new person. For this reason many people never find "The One" they self sabatoge their relationships because they cannot move on. Hurt also destroys ties with family members and friends. Those that are closest to us many times are the ones who hurt us the most. Many people are of the mindset that if you can't depend on family who can you depend on. There are occasions when family members betray your trust. Betrayal can come in the form of sharing information that you have shared with them and asked them to keep to themselves, stealing, lying, etc. The hurt from a family member is a deep wound. It does not heal with time but if you don't take steps to repair it, it can turn into a cancer and destroy you. In order to grow and move on from the hurt of the past these steps must be taken: 1. Acknowledge that you are hurting. 2. Ask God to give you the strength to move past the hurt. 3. Talk to the person that you feel has hurt you. You must be open and honest but at the same time let love be your guide. In order to live a healthy life we cannot be chained and bound by hurt. Live, Love, & Learn Sign up to receive my newsletter and get information on special promotions.
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Thursday, May 13, 2010


When we enter this world we have the gift of innocence. We are untainted and unharmed. We trust wholeheartedly, we love unconditionally but something happens to us throughout the course of our lives. Seeds are sown. The sowers sometimes come in the form of parents, family and friends. They sew seeds of doubt in our lives and that oh so perfect picture that we have of the world begins to lose some of its luster. That invincibility that we once had starts to subside and we begin to question ourselves. We ask ourselves am I good enough? Do I have what it takes to get me to the next level. Am I a loveable person, the kind that people want to be around? Those seeds of doubt are like cancer and the take root and choke the spirit that we were born with. In order to get back to that place we must revisit that childlike state. We need to revisit what we were before the seeds took root. Only when we remember how innocent and invincible we were can we take our lives back. At that point the storms will clear and we will be returned to our former state where we believe that we can do all things. We will once again be INVINCIBLE.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have you ever walked into the restroom and were attacked by the stench of waste that someone left behind; Even worse had to view their remains because they did not flush the toilet? Sometimes our lives resemble toilets that have not been flushed or that are so filled with our problems and issues that they are backed up and are stinking up our lives and the lives around us. In the Holy Bible specifically the book of Titus 3:-11 Paul wrote that believers were once foolish, disobedient, serving various lust and pleasures, living in malice, envy, and hateful to one another. Through the blood of the Savior they were washed, renewed and regenerated. Once you start out on your journey of self improvement you will start to accumulate more waste. Waste can come in the form of a bad relationship, being lied to, cheated on, taken advantage of and a host of other things. If you forget to flush the toilet of this new accumulation you risk clogging your life up and will be no good to God, yourself , or anyone else for that matter. When your life has gotten dirty again, when you have revisited those old habits that you put to rest, behaving in such a way that people have to question whether they can trust you or not its time for a cleaning. As children of the most high we have been washed (Revelation 1:5) Sanctified (Ephesians 5:26) and Justified (Galatians 3:24) All of these agents are like comet cleaner, tidy bowl and disinfectant. Gods word is a plunger that helps unstop the junk in our lives and get it flowing again and a rodder to help us when our life has become so backed up that that its unproductive. Tackling a backed up life takes a couple of steps: first you must acknowledge that something is wrong. A dishonest person cannot move forward you must accept the fact that something is wrong before you can fix it. Secondly you must identify those issues that are clogging up your life and that you are struggling with. Finally you must ask God for his help to help you remove these issues and enlist the help of a support system because two are better than one and we are all in this together. Our lives need to be kept clean and clog free so that we can effectively help those around us.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What about your friends?

A friend loveth at all times and a brother is born for adversity Proverbs 17:17. As early as the womb mankind benefits from communication and interaction. Many doctors suggest that you talk to your child while in the womb and babies respond to music emotions and other stimuli. I don't think I am going out on a limb by saying that God created us to interact with one another. Of course there are individuals like me who are introverts who can get along fine alone but I too like to interact with others. There is a saying that says show me the people that you are closest to and I will tell you who you are. The people who we surround ourselves with tells the world who we are. Life can be hard but when we have others to help us carry our burdens it can be much easier. True friends are honest with you. They won't allow you to do something that is dangerous they will tell you the truth whether you get mad or not. True friends want the best for us. They will push you in a direction that will benefit you and will tell you when you are wasting your time doing something that is not for you. True friends do not envy the applaud for you with your triumphs and they applaud loudly. True friends are sacrificial. People who carry the title of friend will give you the shirt off of their back. They believe in having all things in common like the Christians in the early church (Acts 2:44). True friends will be with you when your soul is in despair and they have your back at all times. In the book of Ruth when Naomi lost her family due to death her daughter in law Ruth stuck by her side when others went their own way and said where you go I will go, your God will be my God, your people my people! We must seek out those who love us enough to tell us the truth, support us when we are down and celebrate us when we achieve.
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

In the Valley

When we are in the valley

Have you ever felt like you have been down trodden? Do you feel like you back is against the wall? Sometimes our circumstances are so draining that they suck the life out of us. Many times it seems like trials come one after another. Many people have experienced a death in the family only to be followed up by another death sometimes in the same month or even week. Compounded trials must be combatted by mountains of faith. When one is in the valley it's hard to see the light. The days are often overcast even when the sun is shining brightly. Without the sun everything on the earth would die. The absence of light in our lives can cause them to seem like we exist in the valley of dry bones. The valley smells and looks of death. When we are down and out it sometimes seems like there is no hope or escape. However in every dark corner there is a ray of light. The prophet Ezekiel in a vision was led to a valley full of dry bones and was asked could the bones live again.Ezekiel was told to prophesy the word of God to the bones and that they would live again. In this miraculous vision the power of Gods started a resurrection and the bones remembered the state that they were in before devastation and were restored. When you are in the valley and the light seems to be absent let God's word give you a resurrection and from that you can start a revolution in your life.
Live, Love & Learn
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