Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bound and Chained by Hurt

Chained and Bound by Hurt

There is a saying that goes hurt people hurt people. In a nutshell that means that people who have been hurt in the past tend to hurt other people that come into their lives. There are different encounters that cause us to hurt. Relationships that end on a bad note leave us hurting especially when the proper closure is not given. Instead of letting go of something that never was meant to be many individuals allow hurtful feelings to fester and carry on to their next relationship. Once those feelings enter into the new encounter like poison they slowly kill the relationship. The emotions and pain from the past relationship are transferred to the new person. For this reason many people never find "The One" they self sabatoge their relationships because they cannot move on. Hurt also destroys ties with family members and friends. Those that are closest to us many times are the ones who hurt us the most. Many people are of the mindset that if you can't depend on family who can you depend on. There are occasions when family members betray your trust. Betrayal can come in the form of sharing information that you have shared with them and asked them to keep to themselves, stealing, lying, etc. The hurt from a family member is a deep wound. It does not heal with time but if you don't take steps to repair it, it can turn into a cancer and destroy you. In order to grow and move on from the hurt of the past these steps must be taken: 1. Acknowledge that you are hurting. 2. Ask God to give you the strength to move past the hurt. 3. Talk to the person that you feel has hurt you. You must be open and honest but at the same time let love be your guide. In order to live a healthy life we cannot be chained and bound by hurt. Live, Love, & Learn Sign up to receive my newsletter and get information on special promotions.
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