Monday, August 2, 2010

Work your talent!

The United States is currently going through one of the biggest financial fallouts that it has ever been through. Millions of individuals are out of work, food pantries are feeding many people, violent crimes have increased and doom and gloom seem to be broadcast everyday. As I look at countless individuals that have thrown their hands in the air I think it seems as if the well has gone dry but God has still provided us with a source of water. Years ago Americans were not as dependant on jobs as they are today. Many individuals baked cakes, sold arts and crafts, and anything they could do to bring in some extra cash. Where has that spirit of entrepreneurship gone? Where has hope gone? Where have the individuals gone that said I can't find a job so I am going to make one for myself? Mankind is the most intelligent of the life forms that God created yet many people are stumped in regards to what to do in these trying times. Jesus spoke about talent in one of his parables. To some he gave 5 others he gave 2 while others received one. The key factor is he expected the individuals to grow their talents and put them to use. Have you found your PASSION yet? Just maybe one door has closed and you need to unlock what God has already gave you. If we all identify and put our talents to work we will see a drastic change in your personal lives and in this economy. I challenge every individual to find out what their talent is and as Mary J Blige says in one of her songs WORK THAT THING!

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