Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is a Real Man?

Being a Man and a Male are two different things! To be considered a male all one needs is to be anatomically equipped but being a man is much more than having a penis. There are certain characteristics that a man has and a certain way that he carries himself. He is not defined by having a certain swagga or street credibility. You cannot tell if a person has the characteristics of a man by simply looking at him. There is a major misconception of what a man is these days. Many people rely on the outward appearance and most of the time that is what gets us in trouble. The media has sold us the image of a hyper masculine guy oozing with testosterone, ready and willing the knock anyone down that gets in his way. The man that is being sold to the masses has no trouble spreading his seed however he places very little if no priority on taking care of it. This media creation is not looking to commit and is a bad boy by all means. The problem lies in the fact this is the man that many seek to be and to be with. I cannot count the times I have heard women say they need someone who is rough and can handle them or they didn't want to date a guy because he was "too nice" I also have ran into many women who fell in love with the bad boy, had lots of children and depend on the state to either help them take care of their children or enforce child support from that "rough"man that they fell it love with. In addition I see a plethora of young men who are imitating styles, mannerisms, and other behavior that they think is associated with being a man. Being a man in an urban area often equates with wearing ones pants hanging off of their butts, serving time in prison, dying or killing do prove ones manhood and the list goes on and on. A genuine man works to provide for his needs and the needs of those that belong to his household.
In the book of Genesis Chapter 2:15 we see that the first man had a job. His duties consisted of tending to the habitat in which God placed him in. EVERY man that is physically able should work if at all possible. A real man is not looking to be taken care of. He uses what is within his resources to make a living Secondly a real man will take care of what belongs to him that includes his offspring and the person he chooses to be in a covenant relationship with. A real man does not walk away from his responsibilities as a father and provider. He is careful to look out for the spiritual, physical, and emotional care of his family. Thirdly a real man will stand for what is right and his willing to defend it. Have you ever been in a situation where you were surrounded by males and a MAN was needed to stand up but no one did? Mankind was God's Greatest creation he was created to lead, subdue, and be righteous. The absence of men that are equipped and prepared to lead has led to the downfall of the family and communities. His absence has made it possible for imposters to take his place and mislead the masses and take advantage of many. Men that are really doing their jobs have been clumped together with those that are not by bitter parties and have been labeled no good. The strange thing about that is close examination more than likely has not been done and what looked like a man has been accepted instead of the real thing. In order for us to truly know what a man is we need to examine the scriptures, refer back to a time when men knew their roles as fathers, husbands, leaders, and mentors and accept no imitations.
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