Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rise up and be VICTORIOUS part 2

Buried by your past
"Don't allow your past to be your grave"

If the past is not dealt with it can be used to bury
you! How many times have we seen celebrities
have their names dragged through the mud
because they didn't deal with issues from their past?
Many individuals are tormented by experiences
that they have gone through early in life. Some
issues can range from neglect as a child, rape,
abandonment, and the list goes on and on. We all
have had to deal with a mountain at one time or
another but when pieces from that mountain begin
to crumble and bury you it is a different ball game.
How many young men that end up incarcerated
have laid the blame on their absent fathers? They
have buried themselves and their futures with
the lack of guidance from a strong make figure! How
many women pick no good men to marry and have
children with because any man will do? They have allowed
the lack of LOVE from a man bury their love lives and cloud
their decision making progress! These illustrations happen
everyday. Many people are buried alive and suffocating!
They would rather drown in dirt than deal with hurt. There
comes a time when you have to reach out of the grave and
begin to claw your way out. Emerge like a ball held under water!
Genesis 26:15 mentions that the wells of Abraham that were
covered by the Philistines. Water is essential to survival when
you allow the Philistines of your life to cover/bury you, you
risk drying up and being eternally BURIED. Make a decision
to break free from the past because its a brutal task master!
Live Love and Learn


  1. These lessons are make me think more deeply about so many things!!!!The Phillistines in my life are trying to bury me...let me just ponder right there.

  2. Yes Meredith people that don't mean us any good are the Philistines in are lives and their purpose is to cover us over,dry us out and bury us alive! Covering someones well is an act of war! We must be ready to fight and the best weapons are a mind that is clear from all of the hurt and struggles of the past and the word of God.

  3. WOW! I'm currently faced with making some life changing decisions that will effect me & others very close to me. The past, though not the best, is one of the reasons why I'm in the situation I'm in and have to make these decisions that I thought I never would have to. This entry truly exemplifies just that - not allowing my past to be my grave!! I have to (as one dear friend put it) finish what I started - regardless of what the past holds. My current AND future rides on this decision therefore I won't allow myself to fall into the pit of dismay by holding on to the past! I'll simply use it as a blueprint of sorts to move forward & higher!! Thanks for this encouraging and uplifting entry!!!