Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back in the Dayz

I remember sitting with my grandmother who I affectionately call Ma Ma and listening to her and her brothers and sisters talk about the transition from Mississippi. They recalled memories of how many made the journey to Chicago in hopes of a better life. A vivid point of their memories was the fact that there was one house where everyone would journey to, a sort of transitional place that you could stay and save money so that you could get on your feet and make it on your own. Listening to these historical accounts taught me the importance of loving and supporting each other. They showed me the importance of the extended family and how it is important to help each other get on their feet. That was back in the day. As time progressed families got smaller, people attained more education, values changed and the income level of many increased. As a country many of us have more than our relatives ever had yet we have lost the loving relationships in our families and our morals continue to take a nose dive. What happened to the days where we supported each other in EVERYTHING that we did? What happened to the traditions and stories that the elders passed down that made us better people? Have they been replaced with the every man for himself mentality? There was a time when three families could live in the same house until they could all could afford to have a house of their own but that doesn't happen too much. There was also a time when people could pool their money together and buy real estate that the entire family could benefit from. WHAT HAPPENED? Could it be that some people were more concerned with being on top than the health of the family as a unit? What happened to the days when EVERYONE looked out for each others children? If you got out of line any adult that your parents were cool with could straighten you out. These days parents don't want ANYONE to say ANYTHING to their precious little darlings but when they raise hell and end up in a bind they are quick to ask the family, the church and the school for help. WHAT HAPPENED? We need the MaMa's, Auntie's ,Uncles and the family friends that are not afraid to tell the truth and put you in your place. We need to love each other enough to support each other in all our endeavors. We need to have sense enough to pool our resources together to weather the storm. We need to be loving one another, encouraging one another, and building one another up. Bring the good old days back we certainly need them!

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