Monday, April 5, 2010

Rise up and be VICTORIOUS part 1

Burial typically symbolizes the end of the mile.
Its a time when the family gathers to say its last goodbye.
Its also a time when those that are emotional get VERY
emotional. Some people even go as far as to scream take me with you! Normally people that are that overcome with grief like that fall into two groups: they have not made peace with the person of they do not understand death however there are some exceptions. A Burial is not always a bad thing. In the Christian faith believers are said to be buried with Christ in Baptism (Colossians 2:12) and are promised that they will rise and live again eternally. Throughout this life there are many ways we can be buried in a bad way. For the course of this discussion I will talk about them for a few post. Many people become lost in their past which is very dangerous. Listed are some ways that we can become buried in our past.
Many people are buried by the absence of a mother or father figure in their lives.
Others are buried with the abuse and hurt of their past.
Failure buries and prevents people from moving forward.
Many people miss GREAT opportunities and are buried because
of it.
People become buried with the mistakes that they have made in
the past and cannot get over them.
These are just a few things to examine tomorrow I will address a strategy for tackling some of these issues until then LIVE, LOVE and LEARN.
In Love

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