Monday, April 12, 2010

Make It Happen!

How many of us have uttered the words I wish I could get my BIG break? There are millions of people sitting and waiting for the dreams to come true but that's just the problem all they are doing is waiting. James 2:20 states that faith without works is dead. That BIG BREAK is going to require a lot of hard work sacrifice and sleepless nights! Personally I have spent the last 7 months on my life pursuing a Masters Degree in a field that I really have no interest in because I thought it was safe.I spent many long nights writing papers for classes while I could have been putting that same time and energy into building my Dynasty. We are currently in one of the worst financial states of the history of our country yet millionaires are still being made. While the regular man or woman is sitting scratching their heads leaders are MAKING IT HAPPEN! The people who are going to be on top when the rough times are over are the ones who are working day and night. The biggest organizations will be the ones who are continuing to build. Now is the time to WORK TOGETHER. We need to be combining our resources and pushing one another ahead. This is not an easy task because one has to walk away from the ME syndrome and embrace the US mentality. Who is in your circle of influence? Who are you working with? Who has a dream that you can align yourself with. The best way to move forward is to help someone else attain their goals. ITS TIME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
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