Sunday, July 11, 2010

Walking together in the Rain

Today I did as I normally do trying to tackle the 30 Day breakthrough. What made today different was that I was running and walking with a group of friends particularly my sisters in Christ. We all walked at different paces as most of us do in life. There were times that we passed each other as well as times when we walked together. During the course of this 2 mile walk it sprinkled and eventually rained yet we kept walking. We were persistent because we knew that this was crucial to getting us to that next step in life. When you are trying to make it over there are times when you are going to have to walk in sprinkles, drizzles and sometimes downpours but you have to remain persistent and make sure that you take good friends along for the Journey Kudos to you Michelle Byrd, Meredith Stevenson, Barbara Hunt, and Ladonna Bowdry for walking in the rain together and showing me a painting of teamwork.

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  1. That is a true reflection of life. We do all walk at different paces.