Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sunflower Among Weeds

I was driving along doing errands when I saw a beautiful sunflower. Now I know that some might say that is just a flower not a miraculous thing. The thing that captivated me about this flower was its environment. I proudly stood high among the weeds and across the street from the garbage dump. All of its radiance and glory created a bright spot in an area that was overgrown with crab grass weeds and smelled of garbage. We too can decide to be the sunflower among weeds when we make the decision not to let our environment dictate how we behave and who we are. Many scholars were born into poverty. Many geniuses were born in ghettos. Even Christ came from Nazareth which was not considered the Beverly hills of the time. We become a Sunflower among weeds when we decide that what the crowd is doing is not necessarily the way we need to go. Everyone wants to be popular but at what cost? When the herd is going in one direction go in the opposite direction. We become the sunflower among weeds when we stand up and speak up for what is truthful and honorable when everyone else would rather sit down and let things be or even listen to lies. Will you become the sunflower in your world or will you let the stench of garbage and weeds overtake you?
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  1. I'm also facinated when I see a beautiful flower in a field of weeds. Wishing it was in my yard. Antwan I agree we can standout amongst the weeds. God calls us a peculiar people.

  2. You got that right Nicole we need to embrace the fact that we are different and don't have to be like everyone else.