Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Truth

Speak unto me smooth things and prophecy lies and deceit. The prophet Isaiah spoke similar words in the book that bears his name in the Holy Bible chapter 10 verse 30. We live in a world where lying is the norm. It comes very natural to some people. We teach children how to lie when they answer the phone and have them tell the person we are not there. Politicians lie to get in office and once they are there they back peddle on their promises. LIE LIE LIE. No one wants to hear the truth. If someone is trying on a particular article of clothing that they are iffy about they say that want the truth but if you give it to them they are sad or depressed. You can't go through the day without hearing a lie. No matter how dark you make the room the truth will always shine. No matter how much you ignore the issues the flicker of light will reveal them. The truth frees us! It allows us to grow and to move on. You can shut the truth up temporarily, but it will always resurface and when it does many wish they would have dealt with it in the first place.
Live, Love, & Learn

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